The Heart of Architecture Beats in Moscow
As it has been acknowledged, Moscow is a rich city and one of the wealthiest of the whole wide world. Truly, that has helped Moscow to brag about its pioneering and innovative structures that inundate the streets and the parks and magnetize millions of tourists every year. The unique Saint Basil's Cathedral and other similar buildings have become the symbols of Russian architecture, which have successfully transitioned into modern within the last years.

Churches and monasteries have most usually been the buildings that externalized that remarkable architecture of Moscow. The Cathedral of Christ the Savior, which is situated a few blocks southwest of the Kremlin, is the tallest Orthodox Christian church in the world, with an overall height of 103 meters representing a typical style of Russian Revival architecture. The former Moscow City Hall is also a notable red-brick edifice and classical example of a unique hybrid of the Russian Revival and Neo-Renaissance style. A fabrication that combines architecture and art is the Bolsoi Theatre, the most historic theatre in Moscow, which holds performances of ballet and opera, while its iconic neoclassical facade is depicted on Russian banknotes. Talking about Russian architecture, the White House of Moscow also claim the 1st prize, since it was designed by the architect Dmitry Chechulin, who was the leading figure of Stalinist architecture. The building stands on the Krasnopresnenskaya embankment and serves as the primary office of the government of Russia. However, building and edifices are not the only structures that represent Russian architecture. Bridges, such as Bagration Bridge, Zhivopisny Bridge or Andreyevsky Bridge, squares such as Red Square, avenues or boulevards such as Tsvetnoy Boulevard and parks or gardens such as Gorky Park are also a representative sample of higher elegance.

The options are too many, so make sure to have enough time to spend in Russia’s capitol. Moscow is, without exaggeration, a cultural contemporary marvel that you must witness to believe!